Screeners - coming soon

The word screener refers to an advance screening of a film sent to critics, awards voters, video stores, and other film industry professionals. Often, each individual screener is sent out with distinct markings (such as a digital watermark), which allow copies of a screener to be tracked to their source. It is also used for the pirate copies of a film recorded directly from the screen of the cinemas with digital cameras and distributed afterwards through non official channels.

This way of copying and capturing audiovisual material opens an interesting discussion line on the copy and distribution of information in our days. Screeners is set as an action that generates a open source archive of raw and edited videos, supported by a workshop that will open the discussion on new distribution strategies using digital technologies, P2P networks, and all those tools we have access to in the domestic sphere, that give us the possibility to produce, duplicate and distribute information.

With the idea of expanding the expirience we had with the “Archivos Mayo” project, we’ve set this actions in Medellín, Bogotá, Paris and Athens, in a small-medium scale.

The Screeners workshop works first as an open call, to invite people who have 8 or 16mm films at home, to bring them to a place, where in an specific period of time, those films are projected continuously and simultaneously on screens, and then the second open call is for artists and filmakers to come and bring their own cameras and tripods, to capture those images directly from the projections.

It is important to understand, that all the material (the films lended by their owners, as well as the videos captured and derived from the screeners archive) have to be produced under a flexible, or open licence (non commercial, attribution, derivate works), such as a creative commons license, or if desired opened to the public domain.

We have been invited by the multidisciplinary collective OST (Oiseaux Sans Tête) to come next April to Brussels to take part with them on a festival they are organizing on the always amazing cultural space Recyclart. This is the Programme where we will intervene that week:


Workshop Screeners
(gratuit / sur inscription)
14h - 20h Numérisation de film

@ Grande salle Recyclart


Workshop Screeners
(gratuit / ouvert au public)
13h - 19h Numérisation de film

Conférence screeners
20h30 (gratuit / ouvert au public)

 @Grande salle Recyclart